Cortesia Sanctuary-Flower Essence- Sacred Sexuality

From the herbalist at Cortesia Sanctuary:

Acanthus Mollis: discrimination, making wise choices

Anthurium: heartfelt sexual and sensual expression without fear or shame

Cardoon: respectful communication, clear expression of needs & intentions

Crocosmia: passion, magnetism, renewed energy & vitality

Lavender: protection, purification, releasing guilt

Schizostylis: honoring one’s body & sexuality as beautiful & sacred

While sexual expression may be more open these days, has it become more meaningful? Is it heartfelt and soulful? This is not an elixir or aphrodisiac. It is intended to expand one’s understanding of the sexual act to embrace heartfelt communion with one’s mate, free of guilt, shame, or fear. Sacred sexuality is preceded by discrimination, respectful communication, and purification. It involves a true honoring of one’s partner — their body/mind/spirit, and also of one’s own higher self.

Origin Eugene, OR
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic
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