Ariel's 'OM Grown Granola

75% Certified Organic, Raw and made with love in Eugene by Hummingbird!

In 2003, Hummingbird co-owner Julie Tilt had a vision. She wanted to make an organic sprouted and raw granola without added sugars or oil, with ingredients grown and harvested in Oregon. Working with her teenage daughter, Ariel, they experimented with different blends of ingredients.

After weeks of mixing, dehydrating, and sampling wondrous and wild concoctions, they created a delicious, satisfying granola perfectly suited to be both a breakfast cereal and a wholesome snack…that doesn’t leave you feeling sleepy from too many carbohydrates. Being the yogis that they are, they named it Ariel’s ‘Om Grown Granola. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Organic Sprouted Oregon Hazelnuts, Organic Sprouted Flax Seed, Organic Apple, Hummingbird Dried Cranberries (Organic Oregon Cranberries, Raw Willamette Valley Blackberry Honey), and Wild-crafted Sun-dried Nori Seaweed*.

Contains: Hazelnuts. Seaweed may have come into contact with shellfish. Processed on equipment that handles almonds and wheat.

*The Nori in Ariel’s ‘OM Grown Granola is harvested by Naturespirit Herbs along the southern Oregon and northern California coast. As of April 2014, tests conducted at the University of California-Berkeley found no evidence of radiation in the Nori. Nori is a Red seaweed species, and is a great source of protein, carotenes, vitamins and porphyran, a therapeutic polysaccharide.

Origin Oregon
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Organic Ingredients
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
GR200 5 lb 5.00 lbs
GR201 15 lb 15.00 lbs


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