Cluckin' Good Grubs, Scratch & Peck

Cluckin’ Good Grubs are whole, dried black soldier fly larvae, an environmentally friendly feed supplement or treat to be used in conjunction with Scratch & Peck balanced animal feeds. Black soldier flies are “specialists” in recycling spoiled or unused food and are used to supplement animal feeds. Black Soldier Flies do not bite, nor do they buzz around looking for something to eat, making them a useful ally in sustainable agriculture. The processing method of the grubs is to wash, cook and then dry.

These Grubs are a renewable food raised on traceable pre-consumer waste fruits, vegetables and grains that might otherwise go to a landfill. Cluckin’ Good Grubs are rich in protein, Omega-3’s, and are an excellent source of calcium. Even more exciting, Cluckin’ Good Grubs are grown in the Pacific Northwest, unlike mealworms, which are predominantly sourced from China.

Feeding suggestion: Cluckin’ Good Grubs can be fed to any omnivorous animal who eats insects as part of its diet. They are a perfect treat for chickens, ducks, game birds and we hear some reptiles love them too! Feed from your hand or scatter on the ground!

Ingredients: Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Origin Washington
Raw No
Sustainability Designation
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
A116-6 case of 6 x 20 oz 6.00 pkgs


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