Salt, Pacific Flake

Pacific Flake Sea Salt is made from seawater that is collected off the coast of Northern California when the salinity levels are the highest.

After the seawater has settled in the holding tanks, it is then filtered and pumped into stainless steel kettles where a majority of the water is evaporated off. This continues until the right salinity levels are met creating a perfect brine for the crystallization process.

The brine is re-pumped and re-filtered into several stainless steel crystalizing pans that were specifically made to harvest the highest grade classic finishing flake sea salt. As salt crystals form over many hours on the surface they sink to the bottom where the are raked, drained and dried.

Made in Humboldt California.

Origin California
Raw No
Sustainability Designation
Available Yes, Available to Order


Item # Package Size
SP163 case of 80 x 0.5 oz jars 80.00 pkgs
SP164 case of 6 x 4 oz bag 6.00 pkgs
SP162 40 oz stainless steel container 1.00 pkg


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