From the Fields' Granola, Honey Lavender

Delicious breakfast or snack handcrafted in Marin County, California.

From the Fields’ creates delicious artisan-style granolas and cereals using nutritious, wholesome, uncompromised ingredients. These premium cereals are abundant in nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits and unrefined sweeteners…making them high in protein, fiber, minerals, and essential fats. Each flavor is designed to be a unique delight to the pallet and of high nutritional value.

With no added oils, preservatives, refined sweeteners, or anything artificial, From the Fields’ offers naturally organic, pure foods.

From the owner, Betsy Fields: "For those who enjoy a simpler breakfast meal while maintaining nutritional value, our cereal is a delicious alternative to dense or heavier granolas. We add no puffs or flakes; just real, clean, wholesome ingredients."

Ingredients: OG Oats, OG Honey, OG Cashews, OG Sesame Seeds, OG Sunflower Seeds, OG Pumpkin Seeds, OG Maple Syrup, OG Flax Seeds, OG Walnuts, Sea Salt, OG Lavender, OG Vanilla

Oil & Wheat Free.

Origin California
Raw No
Sustainability Designation Organic
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This product is temporarily out of stock. Please try another From the Fields Granola, like the OG Gluten Free Original Granola, Item #GR106-6.


Item # Package Size
GR116-6 case of 6 x 12oz bag 6.00 pkgs

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GR116 12 oz bag 1.00 pkg

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