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We are very excited to offer you our Organic and Local Heirloom Emmer Farro, grown on Huntons' Farm in Junction City, Oregon and cleaned at Camas Country Mill in Eugene, Oregon.

Emmer, an ancient hulled wheat, was one of the first cereals ever domesticated in the Fertile Crescent. Over the centuries, emmer was gradually abandoned in favor of hull-less and higher yielding varieties of durum wheat.

Emmer is known as farro in Europe and is staging a comeback as a gourmet specialty as both a whole grain and flour. Farro is a catch-all Italian term for “ancient grains”. Emmer is considered the original farro which is why we refer to our Emmer as “Emmer Farro”.

Emmer is technically a wheat, a grass, and is naturally low in gluten. It has a very simple structure, and is easy to digest. Genetically different, Emmer has 28 chromosomes, where as modern wheat has over 200 chromosomes. Modern wheat has been hybridized over 1000 times just in the last 50 years, and not for nutritional value, but for ease of production, resistance to disease, and high gluten content. Some people who have gluten/wheat issues can tolerate Emmer very well, even some people with Celiac. Spelt and Kamut have around 60 chromosomes, and came from Emmer. Emmer is around 17,000 years old, Spelt is 10,000, and Kamut is 8,000 years old.

Our Heirloom Emmer is bronze in color with elongated kernels similar to dark northern spring wheat. Emmer appeals to cooks interested in new tastes and textures and because of its nutritional value. It ranges from 16-21% protein and digests quickly. It can be used independently as a whole grain in a pilaf, hot cereal, or the feature in a salad.

Cooking Emmer grain is simple: Add 1 C Emmer to 4 C salted water or stock. Lightly simmer together for about 1 hour (less if soaked overnight). Drain. Yields 2 ½ - 3 cups cooked.

Origin Junction City, OR
Raw Yes
Sustainability Designation Locally Grown, Organic
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G234-FC1-6 6 x 1 lb bags, in display box 6.00 pkgs

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