How we Select Our Products

We follow a complex process of evaluation, using a point system to rates products according to our values. The considerations below are taken directly from our Product Evaluation Worksheet:

From where?
VALUE: Having our distribution route near production areas can reduce transportation and other costs, and improve the ability to create and maintain close relationships. Buying close to home keeps the local economy strong.

From whom?
VALUE: Knowing the farmer producer and communicating with them directly is valuable for resolving issues of quality, production variability year-to-year, and reducing the impact of price fluctuations. As a plus, it’s a lot more meaningful and fun. We can better ask the question: Do they care for the land and value relationship?

VALUE: We are committed to maintaining stock of the products on our price list for our customers. Being able to rely on timely delivery of quality product is critical.

Price and Shipping?
VALUE: Can we procure the product at a price that gives a sustainable margin for the company and a fair price to the farmer or producer, and still remain competitive on the marketplace? Can we sell sufficient quantity to keep freight prices economical or source other products from the same company?

Is it Organic? Transitioning to Organic? Biodynamic? IPM (grown using the principles of Integrated Pest Management)? Nutritionally, is the item for limited consumption (like chocolate chips), or a product we don’t personally believe in but carry due to customer demand (e.g. canola oil gets a rating of minus 10).
VALUE: We value products that are good for people, and so ask, is the product what the people need for health, vitality and well-being?

Does it fit?
VALUE: We are a small company with a strong personal identity. Does the product align well with customer needs, our overall goals, and our current product line?

VALUE: To achieve zero waste. What is the current packaging associated with the product? Does it have a secondary use? Where and in what form will it end up?

Another consideration is to assess the overhead expense & hassle factor: Repacking required? Sourcing issues? Offsite production? Allergen issues?


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