Ecological Products from Hummingbird Wholesale

Creating and evolving a local-regional food movement takes a huge commitment with many elements needed for success, including: an ability to envision possibilities, willingness to take risks, financial investment, infrastructure, research, knowledge, trust and faith, expanding connections within the community and working closely with others.

Organic Camelina Oil & Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
Made with seeds grown and pressed in Oregon

Growing and pressing Oregon-grown seeds for culinary oil is an essential step in local food empowerment. Both Organic Camelina Seeds and Organic Pumpkin Seeds have been successfully grown on family farms in Oregon. Our Organic Camelina Oil is expeller-pressed by Willamette Biomass, a non-GMO facility located in the Willamette Valley. Our Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil is now expeller-pressed in-house at Hummingbird Wholesale. These nutritious, unrefined, raw oils are available both in bulk and 8.5 oz bottles via Hummingbird Wholesale.

Additional information:

First cultivated in northern Europe during the Bronze Age, and used for food, medicine, and lamp oil, Camelina Oil is low in saturated fatty acids, rich with Omega-3, and contains Omega 5 and Omega 9. Due to its high Vitamin E content the shelf life of Camelina Oil is 12-24 months, significantly longer than other high-Omega 3 oils. An excellent Oregon-sourced alternative for flax seed oil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is high in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 5, Zinc, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. Pumpkin Seed Oil has been used for culinary and healing purposes throughout the world for over 250 years.

Scratch and Peck Organic 18% Protein Layer Feed
Corn-free & Soy-free

Scratch and Peck is both Certified Organic and the first feed company in North America to have their entire line of products certified GMO-Free by the Non-GMO Project. Based in Bellingham, Washington, Diana Ambauen-Meade established Scratch and Peck Feeds in 2009 to provide owners of chickens with high quality whole-grain feed that was unavailable in any store. Diana says, “Scratch and Peck’s mission is to provide the highest quality animal feed to the health-conscious consumer. By buying directly from local farmers, we are supporting local economies, strengthening community-based relationships, and utilizing the sustainable business practices that form the backbone of our organization.” Available in bulk from Hummingbird Wholesale.

Additional information:

Scratch and Peck sources their ingredients whenever possible directly from farmers in the Pacific NW. Their blend of grains and nutrients is not pelletized, so birds get the benefit of whole, vital grains with minimal processing. The product is designed for chickens to eat larger grains first, then scratch and peck through the remaining powdery bits for added supplements.

Dua Dua Cleaning Products
Made in Portland, Oregon with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil grown and processed on their family farm in the Solomon Islands.

With unflagging commitment the owners of Dua Dua spent years perfecting their method of creating truly raw (centrifuged) Extra Virgin Coconut Oil processed under 113° F. More recently, the family has designed a line of excellent cleaning products made with their coconut oil: Dish Soap, Hand and Bath Soap, Laundry Powder Soap, Stain Remover Soap. All products are natural and unscented. No phosphates or sulfates, no petroleum or synthetics, no fillers or artificial colors. Available bulk and packaged from Hummingbird Wholesale.

Additional information:

Dua Dua operates two family-owned coconut oil mills—one located in the South Pacific and one in Thailand. Hans Anderson, Dua Dua’s co-owner, say “I was a Peace Corps volunteer in the South Pacific in the 90’s and married a local lady. Having a large coconut plantation and long family history of growing coconuts for export, we decided to produce our own Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.”


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