Hummingbird Buying Clubs

Starting a Buying Club account at Hummingbird Wholesale

A Buying Club is a group of individuals who pool their purchasing and buy for their own consumption; they do not purchase and resell product like commercial accounts. Hummingbird Wholesale offers wholesale pricing to Buying Clubs.

Any group that meets the following requirements may qualify as a Hummingbird Wholesale Buying Club.

  • Name your club.
  • Designate one organizer for your group. The organizer is the one contact with HW regarding account information, pricing, product inquiries; as well as placing, receiving and paying for orders.
  • Order minimums:
    • Each pick up order must meet a minimum of $300.
    • Each out of town order must meet a $700 minimum.
    • Orders for some Eugene/Springfield delivery areas may have higher minimums than the $300 pick-up minimum.
  • Place an order at least once per month.
    Submit orders as one large order (combining duplicate items). Buying club orders are not itemized, but we can e-mail you a copy of your invoice prior to pick up/delivery if you wish to calculate individual totals beforehand.
  • The organizer submits a Buying Club Account Application and is solely responsible for payment to Hummingbird Wholesale. This means we receive either cash or one check from the organizer’s checking account for the entire order. (Club members reimburse organizer for their shares).
    • Payment terms are C.O.D.
    • We accept cash, check, or credit card (Visa and MasterCard). There is a 2% surcharge for credit card use.

    Further options, if buying club isn’t a fit…

    If you cannot meet the buying club requirements—for instance, if you have large but infrequent orders—please inquire at our office as to your purchasing options.
    • It may be possible to special order our products through your local grocer.
    • Combine forces with others in your area. Contact us for a list of buying clubs in your area that are open to new members.
    • We offer an on site Storefront (aka retail) program two days per week that does not require an application or minimums.
    Additional discounts are possible for non-wholesale orders picked up at our Storefront in Eugene.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Forgot my Username and/or Login!
    Please contact us and we’ll help you get into your account.
    Why can’t I view product pricing?
    Unless something is temporarily on the blink (we hope not!), then you’re likely not seeing the prices because you’re account has not yet been approved as a customer. Once your online application has been approved, you should be able to see the prices listed. If you are a current customer with an online account and cannot see the prices, please contact us.
    How quickly will my application be approved?
    Once we receive your application, we will let you know within two business days whether your account is approved.
    What forms of payment do you accept?
    Cash or check.
    Do you ship products?
    At this time Organic Nutritional Yeast is the only product we are able to ship outside of our truck delivery route.
    What is the minimum order for delivery?
    Each in-town order has a minimum of: $300.00
    Each out-of-town order has a minimum of: 200 lbs
    How far do you deliver products, and how often? What areas do you serve?
    We deliver weekly between Tacoma and San Francisco, mostly along the I-5 corridor, with the following additions:
    • To Seattle every other week
    • Weekly to Bend
    • Weekly to the Oregon coast between Bandon and Newport
    Can I pick up my orders directly from your warehouse?
    Yes. Our wholesale pick up hours are M-F 8 am-4 pm.
    What if I want to make additions to my order when I come to pick up?
    We’re not able to accommodate changes to orders at the time of pick up.
    Where on your website can I see if a product is Organic or Raw?
    From the homepage, click on Our Products, and then choose the category. In each category, our items are listed in columns from left to right by:
    • Item Number
    • Item Name
    • Size and Type of Package
    • Origin
    • Raw Status
    • Sustainability Designation (SD) – Organic (OG) Status
    • Further Product Info (when available)
    • Prices
    What are your standards for a raw product?
    See our About Raw Foods page!
    How do you select the products you carry?
    See this page!
    Do you have Organic certification for your products?
    Yes. See our current Organic certificates.
    Do you have Kosher certifications for your products?
    Our facility is not Kosher certified; however, some of our products are Kosher certified (KC). If a KC product arrives to us and we do not open it, the Kosher certification remains valid. When we break the product down into 5 lb bags the certification is no longer valid. When you place your order, Kosher certification information is available if requested.
    Are all of your chocolate products Fair Trade certified?
    Good question! We’re glad you’re paying attention. Fair Trade is one way of ensuring that the chocolate we’re eating is sourced from a farm or cooperative which is fairly reimbursed for their work of growing and harvesting cacao. And, we’ve found that not all farms can afford both the Organic certification as well as the Fair Trade certification. We take care that our chocolate is ethically sourced. For more info, click the links below.
    There is a huge risk of unknowingly purchasing and eating Genetically Engineered foods right now. How can I be sure your products are GMO-free?
    Organically certified = GMO-free

    The non-Organic crops we offer are grown locally by farmers we know and trust, who are transitioning land to Organic practices and who only plant non-GMO seed.

    It is a concern that an Organic crop may be pollinated by a GMO crop while growing in the field, and it is generally financially prohibitive (too expensive) to test Organic crops after harvest to identify GMO contamination.

    Do you have info on Red Star Yeast, GMO’s and OG Yeast?
    Conventional nutritional yeast may be grown on Genetically Modified (GM) sugar beets. Our Organic Nutritional Yeast is an alternative for customers who do not want to support the GMO industry. These flakes are not certified non-GMO, but are processed without any GMO inputs.

    Red Star nutritional yeast is tested to validate that no GMOs are in its final product, but the sugar beet molasses the yeast is grown on may be from GMO sugar beets.

    Looking for items not on the price list?
    If it’s not on our website or price list, we don’t offer it. But if it’s something you’d like us to carry, let us know (write to We won’t promise to carry the item you request, but we’ll definitely consider it if seems to fit our values and there is enough customer interest. The information helpful to have is product description, product size, preferred vendor, how much you’ll buy on a monthly basis.
    Do you have rain barrels or instructions on how to make them?
    We do sell 55 gallon drums which customers sometimes use for rain barrels, but we don’t ourselves have instructions on making a rain barrel. We like to leave that up to those who specifically focus on DIY projects, like Mother Earth News.


For questions or to order by phone, call us: (541) 686-0921